Join us to watch Matthew Evans return to our screens for repeats of What’s the Catch Series 1:

Ep1 – TX Friday 20.08.2021 – 12:55pm
Ep2 – TX Saturday 21.08.2021 – 1:25pm
Ep3 – TX Sunday 22.08.2021 – 1:00pm

When Matthew Evans (former chef and food critic turned Gourmet Farmer) leaves his Tasmanian farm to discover where the seafood on Australian plates comes from, he’s quickly dragged hook, line and sinker into the complex, often shocking truths behind of international seafood production. His journey through this world will transform him into the leader of a nation-wide sustainable seafood revolution. Matthew’s physical journey takes him from the crystal clear waters of his home state, to the booming, industrialised fish farms of Asia; from the depths of Australia’s threatened Great Barrier Reef, to a tankful of barramundi bred in captivity by the banks of the Connecticut River in the US.

But more importantly, Matthew’s travels cause him to ask some tough questions – of the Australian fishing industry and of himself. By the time he returns to his farm and his family, Matthew will have confronted and re-examined some of his and our most cherished beliefs about food, nature, and the Australian ‘good life’.

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